DeVilbiss EasyFit Nasal Mask, Gel, Complete System
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EasyFit Nasal Mask, Gel, Complete System (Frame, Cushions, and Headgear)

The Easyfit Mask is a noise free, durable, lightweight choice for a Nasal CPAP Mask. Devilbiss newest upgrade to the SomnoPlus CPAP mask, the EasyFit Nasal CPAP mask offers best in industry standard noise free performance in the CPAP mask market. Superior features, provide the user and exceptional fit, comfort, and optimum therapy at all times.

Designed using extensive analysis of facial characteristics worldwide, the mask makes a convenient fit for most individuals. It features a silicone cushion for an optimal seal at all times. The ergonomically designed exhalation port, features gentle, and noise free release of exhaled air, away from you and your bed partner to ensure a comfortable and uninterrupted nights sleep. Conveniently designed locking notches also allow the user to conveniently change the headgear angle and retain the desired angle without fear of breakage.


R260-204 (DV97312) - MEDIUM

R260-205 (DV97322) - LARGE

R260-206 (DV97332) - EXTRA LARGE

  • Item #: DV97312 , DV97322 , DV97332
  • Manufacturer: DeVilbiss
  • Condition: New

DeVilbiss EasyFit Nasal Mask, Gel, Complete System

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