IKA yellow MAG HS 7 magnetic stirrers with heating
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Hot Plate Stirrer, 7" x 7", 120V

The New easy-to-read digital display indicates temperature settings, adjustable in 5°increments, with an increased temperature range and the Quality you've come to expect from Cimarec. The Solid Ceramic top plate of these stirrers is easily cleaned and is resistant to acid and alkali. The extremely durable precision-manufactured surface remains flat at high temperatures. The reflective bright white color enhances simple visibility. The ceramic top plate is chip proof and the aluminum cast body is enamel coated for an attractive and durable finish. The integral ring stand holder accomodates a 1/2 inch (1.3 cm) diameter support rod. Quiet stirring at a gentle 100 rpm as well as at a vigorous 1000 rpm operation. 

Specifications :
Temperature Range: 41 to 1004°F (5 to 540°C)
Stirring Speed Range: 50 to 1200 rpm
Top plate dimensions: 7x7 in. (17.7x17.7cm)
Top plate material: Ceramic
Temperature stability: ±5°C
Rise time (Max.): 8 min.
Load capacity (Max.): 25 lbs (11.3 Kg)
Shipping Weight: 11 lbs (5 Kg)
Dimensions (LxWxH): 13x8.2x3.8 in. (33x20.8x9.7 cm.)
Electrical Requirements: 120VAC/50-60Hz (110 Watts)*

*Supplied w/US Std. plug.

Additional Features

Extremely durable flat ceramic plate. • Hot plates include a power indicator light. • New easy-to-read digital display indicates temperature settings, adjustable in 5°increments, from 5° up to 540°C (41° to 1004°F), depending on model. • Microprocessor-controlled feedback technology maintains consistent, repeatable temperature settings. Ideal for labs that perform repetitive procedures. • Hot surface alert safety systems protect from accidental burns. Bright red warning lights signal when heating surface is above 50°C (122°F). Unit display flashes "HOT" - "OFF" when heating is turned off, until heating surface is below a cool 50°C. • On stirring models, the unique StirTrac™ technology offers improved slow speed stirring, consistent speed control and stronger magnetic coupling. The StirTrac braking feature brings the stir bar to an immediate stop for quick flask removal. •A 6-ft, 20A power cord and three-prong plug are included.

NOTE: Not recommended for use with metal vessels.

  • Item #: S000-220
  • Manufacturer: IKA Works Inc.
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 3596601
  • Condition: New

Hot Plate Stirrer, Digital, 7" x 7", 120V, by IKA

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