Little Sucker, Standard, N205
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Little Sucker

Quantity: 1 each

Size: Standard

Features & Benefits

  • Single-handed suctioning

  • Thumb port for intermittent suctioning

  • Soft, flexible tip like a bulb syringe

  • Use in NICU, PICU, respiratory, labor & delivery

  • Improve patient care and save nursing time

  • Replace up to 3 products with 1 Little Sucker

  • Not made with natural latex rubber

  • Not made with plasticizer DEHP

Directions for Use:

  • Connect barbed end to standard suction line 
  • Set suction pressure between 80-100mm Hg or per hospital protocol 
  • Occlude thumb port to begin suctioning 
  • Gently suction mouth or nose with intermittent suctioning 
  • Suction sterile water through device after each use. Store between use in Suction Caddy. 

Replace every 24 hours

  • Item #: R136-200-EA
  • Manufacturer: Neotech
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: N205-EA
  • Condition: New

Little Sucker, Standard, each

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