Nellcor Max-P Self Adhesive Disposable Pediatric Sensor,
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Nellcor Oxisensor MAX-P Self Adhesive Disposable Pediatric Sensor, 24/cs

Nellcor Oxisensor Max-P Self Adhesive Disposable Pediatric Sensor, 24/cs 
Name MAX-P
Type Self Adhesive Disposable Sensor
Description Pediatric Disposable 
Compatibility N100, N200, N290/5, N390, N3000 N6000, NPB40, and Nellcor pre-Max technology
Patient Type Pediatric 10 to 50 kg (22 to 110 lbs)  
Cable length 18 inch
( 45 cm)
Latex content Latex Free
Unit of measure 24/cs
Comments Max Technology
  • Designed for pediatric > 10-50 kg (21-105 lbs)
  • New MAX-P sensors block 3.5 times more ambient light than previous Nellcor sensors. This feature prevent interference with SpO2 readings.
  • Tear-resistant bandages
  • The Sensor Messages function provides caregivers with sensor application tips.
  • The Sensor Event Report function to quickly review alarm events that occurred while the sensor was on the patient.

  • Item #: D431-309
  • Manufacturer: Nellcor
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: MAX-P
  • Condition: New

Nellcor Oxisensor MAX-P Disposable Pediatric Sensor

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