Neotech N4905 RAM Cannula, Medium, 10/box
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Neotech RAM Cannula®


Features and Benefits:

  • Soft, curved prongs
  • Kink-resistant tubing
  • Simple for clinicians to manage, comfortable for babies
  • Kangaroo Care is easy
  • Latex, Phthalate/DEHP, BPA free

Directions for Use:

1. Select proper size cannula according to size chart.

2. Open package and remove cannula.

3. Attach cannula to oxygen source. Remove oxygen tubing adapter if needed.

4. Secure cannula to face with Neotech EZ-Hold cannula holders or skin friendly tape.

5. Change cannula every 30 days or per hospital protocol. When  using heated and  humidified air, change cannula every 14 days or per hospital protocol.

6. To be used on or by the order of a physician.






RAM Cannula, Medium

  • Item #: R013-255
  • Manufacturer: Neotech
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: N4905
  • Condition: New

RAM Cannula, Medium, 10/box

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