1004880, Respironics Comfort Full Face 2 CPAP Mask & Headgear, Small
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Respironics Comfort Full Face 2 CPAP Mask & Headgear, Small

1004880 - Size: Small

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Full Face CPAP Mask with Combined Cushion and Frame

The Respironics ComfortFull 2 offers all you've come to expect in a CPAP mask from Respironics. The mask features a 360 rotating tube, a quiet air diffusion system, and comfortable cushion options for faces of all sizes. Additionally, the mask can be applied and removed quickly and debuts an innovative system where the cushion and mask frame are attached to ensure that your sleep apnea therapy remains effective all night long.

Innovative Cushion and Frame Design

In the ComfortFull, the cushion surface is polished so that it adheres to the skin easily and is unlikely to leak. Additionally, the cushion and frame are assembled in one piece, which makes the mask lighter, more responsive to your movements, and easier to clean.

360 Swivel

The tube for the ComfortFull 2 has a swiveling capability of 360 degrees, letting you roll over or toss and turn at night without harming the efficacy of your CPAP mask.

Quick Releasing Mask

Respironics designed for the ComfortFull 2 to be easy to remove. Ball and socket headgear clips can be removed in a second, even in the dark, making this a great mask for sleep apnea therapy patients who wake up often throughout the night.


The ComfortFull 2 comes in a traditional crown shape. The mask has two straps on both sides, one to wrap above your head, and one that winds underneath your ears.

Key Features

 Polished Cushion Surface 
 Lightweight and Travel Friendly 
 Innovative Forehead Assembly Design  

Reviewers Tip:

The ComfortFull mask is particularly comfortable for people who breathe through their mouths while they sleep.

  • Item #: R259-103
  • Manufacturer: Respironics
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 1004880
  • Condition: New

Respironics Comfort Full Face 2 CPAP Mask & Headgear, Small

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