Theratrac Cervical Traction Device
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Available in Small, Medium and Large

Item #: PCT100S
Size: Small (14"-16”)
U/M: Each

Item #: PCT100M
Size: Medium(16"-18”)
U/M: Each

Item #: PCT100L
Size: Large(18"-20”)
U/M: Each

The theratrac design allows for the natural curve of the neck and an anatomically correct traction without aggravating the TMJ. The Theratrac, gently stretches neck muscles allowing the vertebral discs to realign, freeing the nerve root tissue from the pressure of the discs. The theratrac helps “locked” neck muscles to slowly stretch and relax, allowing misaligned vertebrae to resume their normal supportive position.


  • Easy to use and comfortable. There are no weights or pulleys, and the Theratrac provides a nice gentle stretch traction as well as an incline lift of 0 to15 degrees.

  • Effective and clinical grade,Innovative design.

  • Indicated for use for the treatment and relief of cervical musculoskeletal or neurologic impairment.

  • Provides an anatomically correct curvature of the neck, as well as adjustable incline traction.

  • Portable, comfortable and convenient

  • Offers over 30lbs of adjustable pneumatic pressure

  • Exerts no pressure on the temporomandibular joint

  • No assembly required – free standing frame

  • One size fits all (via adjustable inserts)

  • Item #: Y532-120
  • Manufacturer: Delco Innovations
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: PCT-100
  • Condition: New

Theratrac Cervical Traction Device

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