Ultima Neuro Advanced Neuropathy Stimulator
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Ultima Neuro Advanced Neuropathy Stimulator 


The Ultima Neuro is based off of TENS and Micro-current therapy settings, however, goes beyond TENS by narrowing the output parameters to target the relief of peripheral neuropathy in the hands and feet.

Unlike a basic TENS stimulator, the Ultima Neuro signals are vastly more advanced and precise with an auto-feedback loop that allows the Neuro to regulate the voltage based on different tissue masses. So the stimulator knows when it is treating a heavy set person, vs. thin. This auto adjustability helps tempo treatments to the individuals needs (i.e. impedance of tissue mass). Also, in the Neuro there is a monophasic waveform that is typically associated with pushing and moving fluids – which is a particularly effective wave form in treating pain associated from Neuropathy. 

The Ultima Neuro is an effective, drug free, non-surgical solution to the relief of early onset Neuropathy.


  • Stimulating Nerves to Relieve Your Pain

  • Customized Impulse Delivery

  • Treat Multiple Areas at Once

  • Conductive garments spread impulses over your entire hand or foot

  • Conductive spray primes your skin to maximize the efficiency

  • Simple cuff worn around your arm or leg helps to disperse excess current

  • Item #: P221-111
  • Manufacturer: Delco Innovations
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: UNEURO
  • Condition: New

Ultima Neuro Advanced Neuropathy Stimulator

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